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How We Do It – agents8 – Creative Industry Expertise

The Power of the 8

Helping you uncover your path to mission control.

We think “8” has power. It’s associated with prosperity, balance, intelligence. So we became agents8—where creative industry expertise and software integration expertise intersect. And we put the power of the 8 to work for you.

We’ve identified 8 critical aspects of your company’s fingerprint:

• Creative and Production Management
• Client Services
• Resource Management
• Software Integration
• Business Intelligence
• Accounting
• Media
• Leadership Metrics

We’ve also created 8 questions for you to ask yourself about each of these areas—the answers will provide the intel to dismantle the ticking time bombs that can destroy your success.

So we can help clear your way to mission control.

Because that’s what happens when software is set up correctly, processes are clearly defined and people are engaged in them, and true collaboration occurs. It’s line of sight. It’s mission control. It’s the power of the 8. And it’s sweet.

And it’s what unlocks your success.

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We keep these questions top secret.

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