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What We Do – agents8 – Creative Project Management


Where creative management and software intersect…

And you achieve mission control.

At agents8, we listen. We look at what is and isn’t working. From sales to billing, we target where the workflow is hitting a snag. We use our inside experience to decipher your company’s DNA, design a map for success, and set up your advertising agency software for collaboration and your business intel for actionable information.

We put on the trenchcoat and dark glasses and do the decoding… so you can follow your muse and serve your clients.

Advertising agencies. In-house creative groups.

We help you get from software selection to mission accomplished… or any step in-between.

  • We can advise on which creative management software is right for you.
  • We show you how to leverage the software you already have.
  • We provide in-the-trenches, real-world-scenario software training.
  • We deliver actionable, proven agency management solutions.
  • We offer you specific, proven best practices and process improvement consulting so your business can thrive.

Your ROI

Whether it’s software selection, integration, or training. Process improvements and workflow. Navigating change and growth. Agency management solutions. Bridging the gap between IT and creative. agents8 will help you find the most direct—and most profitable—route from conception to completion.


Solutions for Finance, Leadership, Account Service.

We help you work smarter, not harder. You know that if time is entered—and entered on time—profitability on jobs is more likely. More profitable jobs means a healthy company and that means the fruit of all your hard work can lead to sweet success. We can educate your team on the value of time entry and how it directly impacts them. Meanwhile, we’ll show you how to get invaluable line of sight to manage client profitability; resource forecasting; and achieve a bigger bottom line.

Let’s get started.


Solutions for Traffic, Production, Operations.

You need a workflow process. You need to evaluate your line of business, determine your benchmarks, and hold your staff and, (dare we say,) your clients accountable. Call on us. From creative project management to resource planning to operational strategy to reporting and more, we’ve been there and done that. We can educate you on your software so you can get the most from your investment. We can define your processes and teach your team to collaborate and own their part. Ready to improve efficiencies and your bottom line? We are!

Let’s do it.

Solutions for Software Integration.

Step back. Breathe. Call agents8. We’ve been selecting and integrating agency management software for groups just like yours for over 15 years. We help you think through your business needs, wants, and nice-to-have’s, and find what works best for you. Then we hold your hand when it’s time to set it up and turn it on.

Call us today.

Take Control of Your Objective

With a top-secret field kit from agents8.

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