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Who We Are – agents8 – Ad Agency Software

Our Company

Because we are so different, we’re a lot like you.

Your company has a unique fingerprint. It’s your DNA. Same with agents8. We have experience others don’t. That gives us a perspective others lack.

Which gives you results you can’t get from anyone else.

agents8 formerly was Crystal Brook Consulting, founded by Donna Lynn Johnson in 1999. But a few years ago we changed our name because while we rock at consulting, we also have hands-on proficiency in finance, media, project and resource management, software, creative, operations, and change management. Whew.

By definition, agents8 is an advertising, marketing, software consulting firm specializing in bringing people, process, and technology together. We know your industry. We know your software. We respect your unique fingerprint.

We hate the word “leverage”, but it’s what we do: your processes, your ad agency software, your people. And… lest we forget… we also can help add some serious scratch to your piggybank.

Our Team

We’re tenacious. Original. We’re agents8.

Donna Lynn Johnson

Donna Lynn Johnson
Founder and President

Kimberley Fulwood

Kimberley Fulwood
Operational Strategy Consultant

Rhonda Burt

Rhonda Burt
Tech and Programming Consultant

Our Partners

At agents8, we are proud to align with the industry’s leading creative management software partners to ensure that you get maximum results.


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