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Donna Lynn Johnson

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Donna Lynn Johnson

Founder and President

Keen wit. Dog lover. Teacher and mediator at heart. A master of both software and consulting, Donna Lynn speaks owner, geek, finance, sales, and creative. She has provided transformative, insightful, and actionable intelligence to hundreds of agencies and in-house groups. She immerses herself in each client’s story, top-down, bottom-up, with an infectious energy that always inspires.

When she’s not wearing her agents8 hat, Donna Lynn might be found hunting antiques and folk art, reading southern fiction, or playing with her pets. For her, art is prayer. And Germany is a cherished second-home.

Prior to opening agents8 (formerly Crystal Brook Consulting), Donna Lynn was Director of Finance and Operations for a 30-person agency. She remains a seeker, helper, teacher, and is happiest when she can create an “Aha!” moment for her clients. Talk to her. You’ll see.

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