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Kimberley Fulwood

Kimberley Team

Kimberley Fulwood

Operational Strategy Consultant

Look up “direct” or “honest” in the dictionary and you’ll see Kimberley’s photo. She can’t help it. Her driving passion is helping people and organizations rise to their greatest potential. So be warned: she’s going to tell you like it is, because even though the truth might hurt, she’ll give it to you (no sugarcoating)—because she really cares. Once a client, Kimberley leveraged C&P for a large B-to-B firm across three offices. Then after moving to the South, she implemented Workamajig for a mid-size agency, redefining processes, compliance, and accountability. She has 18+ years of deep experience providing clients on a broad range of strategic and operational issues.

Kimberley loves working with creative people. She also loves shopping and being a wife and mom. She harbors secret dreams of one day walking the fashion runway and actually enjoying exercise.

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