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    Why Us

Why Us – agents8 – Consulting Firm



A little art. A bit of science. Unrivaled industry knowhow at work for you. We get it. We get you. As masters of our craft, we are the team you want on your side in your quest for the best you can be.

  • Left-brain. Right-brain.

    We are both. Fluent in financial and creative.

  • Long-term.

    Like Velcro. We stick around as long as you choose.

  • Been there, done that.

    We’ve worked where you work. Fought the same battles. Struggled with software, process, collaboration, and missing information. Banged our heads on the desk more than once.

  • Intelligence.

    We’ve consulted on best practices in every part of your business. We can speak creative, interpret the numbers, huddle with leadership, hang in the trenches, eat stale popcorn in the break room.

  • Depth and breadth.

    We’d mention how many years combined experience we have, but we’d embarrass ourselves.

  • Fun!

    No really, we are!

Why it Matters


Outside Perspective, Inside Intelligence

Because we’ve been in your shoes, we know what to look for. The agents8 team examines your business from the inside, and identifies what you need to know…like where you make money, and where it slips away. And we can step back and see your company from afar so you can get a holistic, strategic perspective.

A general consulting firm simply can’t do that for you.


We are agents of change—empowering, transforming change.

We deliver clear, actionable results.

We are passionate about your needs… because we know when everything is flowing smoothly, it’s more than a moment of Zen. It’s freedom to do what you love, and do it at your best.

Success Stories

  • Made it easy for us.

    We needed our software system to be set up to manage our workflow and not have the system dictate our workflow. agents8 was terrific. Exceptionally high quality service….

  • Efficient Process

    We didn’t even realize we were missing the process…. For the first time, we can track projects, and because we are now tracking results, we can report ROI.

  • Patient and Helpful

    We had to get a team of 8-10 creative people who knew nothing of the package up to speed, while maintaining our heavy workload… agents8 was so patient….

  • Professional and Organized

    Professional. Organized. No-nonsense. Simply stated, agents8 does their job. They work very well with people who have little or no knowledge of processes and software.

  • Your Solution Partner

    Great at taking a complex client with intricate processes and inserting themselves into the situation to be a solution partner…pros at taking whatever curve ball you throw at them.